La Cruz is the tenth canton of Guanacaste province in Costa Rica, established in 1969. La Cruz is bounded on the north with Nicaragua, where the main border crossing is Peñas Blancas. La Cruz is located on what is known as the "Mirador" or viewpoint of La Cruz. The Mirador is a bluff several hundred feet above sea level overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Mirador and the Santa Rosa National Park (part of the Area de Conservacion Guanacaste World Heritage site) are the area's largest tourist attractions. Santa Rosa is where the Casona de Santa Rosa, an original home preserved since the mid nineteenth century, and a monument to the history of the country, resides. The best known beaches of La Cruz are: Junquillal, Cuajiniquil, Jobo, Rajada, Salinas Bay and Manzanillo.

The Alcalde of La Cruz is the Honorable Carlos Matias Gonzaga.

Cantón de La Cruz

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